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The beautiful Villa Origen for sale in Sotogrande

The beautiful Villa Origen for sale in Sotogrande

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Interior Size

2500 Sq Mtr

Total Plot Size

9000 Sq Mtr


Origen is a project born from the wishes to inhabit a wonderful place, a garden-house.

A plot of land of almost a hectare in size in the middle of a natural park, topographically very flat and facing the south. A true paradise on Earth.

When we are faced with such perfect nature, we cannot help but be overwhelmed and simply admire it. However, almost by itself, the project begins to take shape: it will only try to frame the land and put it in value. Unity will be the challenge.

On the other hand is the purpose. Quoting master Álvaro Siza: “Architecture is, above all, the creation of a stage for man.” In this case, we need to develop a single-family house of about 2,500 m2 with a set of a complex functional requirements that include spa areas, wellness spaces, guest areas, gourmet room, etc.

I was always amazed by the Alhambra in Granada, with its sequence of entwined courtyards and gardens, open to the sky, filtering the beautiful light of southern Andalusia, creating thousands of forms and shadows on its walls. Light is one of the central themes of architecture. Being able to understand and dose it is the key to creating a truly magical space. It is the only material that is given to us freely and, fortunately, here in our land it is in abundance, like liquid gold. You have to know how to love it and treat it well or it will rebel against you.

The shapes and materials used seek to blend in with the place. We will use a simple and precise palette of noble and natural materials: stone, glass, wood, water and, finally, the plant matter that will communicate with nature in the only honest language we have, the language of shapes and geometry.

In ancient times, in the gardens of ‘La Academia’ and “El Liceo”, Plato and Aristotle taught geometry and philosophy to their students during long walks, clearly recognising the garden as a source of knowledge.

Big areas lined in travertine form timeless spaces where we feel free and embraced by nature. Where, ultimately, we are happy.

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